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Dead Auto Battery

• Car accessories stop working:

This is one of the easiest ways to understand that the culprit is nothing but the car battery. Battery is the only part that supports all other parts and accessories to work, especially when your alternator has stopped working. So, when you get to see that you car do not show up any signs of life, then probably you should check the battery.

• Starts well but stops the next moment:

This is a problem which remains constant in a dead car battery. Such signs show that either the battery has a loose or broken terminals or any type of parasitic draw. In such scenario, first you need to check the cables of the battery. Make sure about the firm fitting of the cables to the points. If you find that there are no issues with the cables and terminals, then probably it is the time for replacement.

• Engine starts cranking and fails to start:

While starting your car, if you find the car engine is not starting, then the culprit is the battery. Owners live in a misconception that this is due to a bad starter and sometimes mistaken for alternator problem. Most of the time, the problem is due to a dead car battery.

At this specific point, most of the car batteries will successfully recharge if you use an alternator. But hardly it will support you for a few days. So, the wiser choice lies in starting your hunt for a used car battery before you face a hard time while driving.