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SUV Repair and Service

These services are simple procedures that you can find in your owner’s manual. The manufacturer recommends these services every 7,500 miles: oil change, tire rotation and wheel alignment. Routine oil changes will help keep your SUV running in top condition and improve your fuel efficiency. Proper tire rotation and wheel alignment ensure your driving safely and also add to fuel efficiency.

General engine maintenance can also include changing spark plugs, sensors, air filters, engine coolant and belts. Some parts such as oxygen sensors may only be noticeable to the driver through a notification or indicator. This will be visible on the instrument cluster or on the notification screen of the multimedia interface. If an indicator light or notification is visible, the best thing you can do is bring your vehicle to a certified service center.

For longer intervals, it may be necessary to flush your transmission, transfer case and change the fluid. This will also extend the life of your Rover.

If you want to keep your SUV at peak performance, it’s recommended you seek attention before a problem arises. Some people won’t seek break service until they have a problem. However, it’s strongly suggested to schedule maintenance for breaks before you hear a strange noise. This can include replacing the pads, and resurfacing the rotors on a specialized lathe. While in service, your provider should also inspect the brake fluid lines, connections, fittings and rotor stone shields.

Other maintenance issues might be just cosmetic. Washing your vehicle does not just help it look good, but also prevents the paint and finish from eroding. It also helps maintain the integrity of the body. Regularly changing your windshield wipers not only helps you see the road in adverse conditions, but also helps keep the windshield in good condition.

Find Experts You Can Trust

Don’t take your repair lightly; and please don’t take your vehicle just anywhere for maintenance. It’s always better to find certified technicians that can perform all the necessary arrangements on your vehicle. When you choose a quality service, you are avoiding future problems and saving money ahead of time.